Many of the thumb nail size JPG's have been sourced from various web sites including Marklin Germany. Many of the larger scale scans are from my own private collection. Copyright of all images is acknowledged and no financial gain is made from displaying these image.
Acknowledgements I would like to acknowledge the following people who have contributed both content and time.
Baker, Roger Ludes, Robert
Christensen, Jens Peter McVeigh, J
Cook, Stephen Melka, Tom
Fanelli, Sean Swinkels, Wilbert
Frowenfeld, Robert Woodall, John
D. Lorenz  

Other Resources

Wilbert Swinkels Catalog Web Site
Brighton Toy Museum (UK)
MIBA Germany
Marklin Magazine Jubilee Issue 1983  
Images Needed  
If you have scanned copies of the front and rear pages of any Marklin Catalogue (HO, I or Z) that do not appear on these pages, I would be very grateful if you can send me a copy. The preferred format is JPEG, 100%, 300dpi x 300dpi. Email address can be found on my Home Page.